Risk Alert In the digital money industry, there are many uncertain and uncontrollable risk factors (such as predug, skyrocketing, dealer manipulation, team disbandage, technical defects, etc.), which lead to high risk in the transaction. According to "notice on preventing the risk of bitcoin" by the five ministries and commissions of the state,,雲計算交易所This trading platform only provides a free online exchange platform for lovers of virtual goods such as digital money, and does not undertake any legal liability for censorship, guarantee and compensation regarding the source and value of digital currency exchange on it. Use this platform for transaction only if you accept the above conditions.

Professional Security

  • Professional financial team

    Our team has strong financial background, venture capital, private equity and other experiences, will strictly review the on-board currency, require the project party to submit complete project evaluation information, reasonable industry valuation, as a reasonable currency standard.

  • New trading mining mechanism

    After full evaluation and actuarial project valuation, the stakes of project parties, private investors and investment traders will be balanced through a new transaction, mining mechanism, to avoid market confidence. The dilemma of collapse.

  • Application of Blockchain Technology Pass

    ico fundraising method has not been tested by the market. However, blockchain technology will continue to evolve a new type of pass-through application over time, master new technologies and combine successful financial experience to realize the vision of blockchain technology certification.